Project Size:

USD$300 million


Project Description:

West Africa LNG Group is a special purpose entity established by AfGS and its strategic partners to develop a comprehensive and transformational Liquefied Natural Gas (“LNG”) provision and distribution network in the Republic of Guinea (the “Guinea LNG Project.”).  The project is currently under development.


Phase 1 – LNG Receiving Terminal and Distribution Network


The first phase of the Guinea LNG Project comprises building a large-scale LNG Receiving Terminal, storage tanks, high-capacity regassification units and distribution infrastructure. In this phase, imported LNG will be stored in on-shore holding tanks and will be distributed to the end users either through a pipeline after being regassified or via cryogenic trailers /ISO tanks in liquid form to be regassified at final destination (“virtual pipeline.”)


Phase 2 – Liquefaction Plant and Export Terminal


During the second phase of the Guinea LNG Project, West Africa LNG Group will build a liquefaction plant at the LNG Receiving Terminal site after the potential Guinean offshore gas wells are developed and connected to the mainland via a pipeline.  At this point, instead of the imported LNG, the terminal facility will be used to distribute the Guinean natural gas using the existing pipelines and/or through the “virtual pipeline” and liquefy and store the excess gas for exportation to neighboring countries.


In addition to bringing commercial quantities of competitively-priced LNG to Guinea through a large scale LNG receiving terminal, WA-LNG will also provide customized “last-mile” solutions to bring natural gas as an affordable and environmentally sustainable source of energy to large-scale industrial enterprises as well as small businesses and ordinary families throughout the country.