Project Size:

USD$650 million


Project Description:

The Markala Sugar Project was a proposed sugar/ethanol/cogeneration project consisting of a 8,000 MT cane per day sugar factory located on 15,000 ha of irrigated cane land in the Segou region. The plant was designed with an additional 25 million liter ethanol plant as well as 30 MW of power cogeneration. AfGS arranged the public-private partnership structure, as well as the financial packaging/investor pre-qualification and selection, raising over $600 million in equity and debt financing.  In addition, AfGS provided assistance in scoping threquirements and development of the ESIA, the Poverty Alleviation Plan, and the Resettlement Action Plan.  AfGS also prepared project specifications, cost estimates,  designed/prepared the bid documents, prequalified plant providers, evaluated various cost parameters, visited manufacturers’ facilities with the investors, and facilitated the contract negotiations.  The project was abandoned shortly after the financial close as a result of the coup d’etat.  All funds were returned to investors.


USG resources utilized in the effort included a USTDA funded Feasibility Study and the Agricultural Trials Program at USAID.