AfGS is proud to be a production partner on Africa-USA Now, new 10-part digital series focusing on the intersection of Africa and the US. The show creates a platform for discussion and debate on issues of mutual interest and was created with two aims: to help the US better engage with Africa, and to help Africa better engage with the US. Tune in on, on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Google Podcast.


While the 20th century saw immense and rapid economic growth in Asia, the 21st century may well be characterized by explosive economic growth in Africa. Africa is the fastest-growing region on earth by all metrics, and that growth is likely to accelerate. The continent is now on the world’s center stage, and the US will have to take another look at its approach to African policy to stay relevant. What is clear is that Africa is no longer asking for a place at the table. Rather, it’s already seated. On the African side, many have given up on the US, noting low levels of American investment that often come with too many strings attached and an approach based more on hierarchy than partnerships. The continent has plenty of other alternatives, most notably China. But whether the US increases engagement or not, Africa cannot ignore the US as the global superpower impacts other governments, multilateral institutions, the media, financial markets, credit agencies, and more. As Africa moves forward, the continent needs to understand the US and its global influence as a spoiler or kingmaker.


Africa-USA Now provides a space for dialog and discussion and promotes true partnerships between the US and Africa.