Private Sector Clients

Client: Fayus Inc

Location Sacramento, CA, U.S.A | Various Locations

Project: Government Relations and Project and Business Development Services.

Client: Archetype Group

LocationMorocco and Various African Countries 

Project: Development of the Nador Desalination Plant. 

Client: Vista Bank

Location: The Gambia, Guinea and Sierra Leone 

Project: Banking services modernization & expansion.

Client: Chevron

LocationNigeria, U.S. 

Project: Provide support in developing new solutions to economic and social challenges in the Niger Delta through the Niger Delta Partnership Initiative.

Client: Buchanan Renewables


Project: A development effort to build a reliable, affordable, sustainable and environmentally responsible power supply in Liberia to include project preparation, financing, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of a 36 MW power plant fueled with wood from redundant unproductive rubber trees, together with construction of a 66 kV transmission line.  The project was structured with private equity and debt financing from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) of the United States Government

Client: Palladium Group

Location:  Various Locations 

Project: Collaboration in the design and implementation of trade and development services.

Client: African Wireless

LocationGambia and D.R.C.

Project: Development of wireless / mobile permits.

Client: Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (PBMR-Eskom)

LocationSouth Africa

Project: Provided a lobbying effort to receive support from U.S. Investors & also provided investment advisory into PBMR technology for nuclear power generation. 

Client: Group Accor

Location: Various African Countries 

Project: Support in the company’s identification and development of new hotel sites.  

Client: Dangote Industries Limited

LocationLagos, Nigeri

Project: This sugar refinery is designed to produce over 550,000 tonnes per year of refined sugar, from imported raws. Services provided include: Refinery Commissioning; Plant Modifications – Design and  Implementation; Technical Management Team to Assist in  Operations; Improved Capacity and Production Quality; Long Range Planning; Procurement Services on an Open Book Basis