Ms. Marian Schaffer


Over 25 years’ experience in the international agribusiness industry with Schaffer and the Schaffer Global Group of Companies, Marian is currently leading the operations management of the organization. She is responsible for coordination of personnel on sales efforts, project scheduling, project liaison and personnel administration, while also assisting with production and quality control of progress and interim reports, operational studies, feasibility studies, evaluations and appraisals. Marian also liaises with clients on contract negotiations and project execution. 

Marian is responsible for assigning and monitoring the activities of Schaffer team members in the home office and at worldwide project locations, including but not limited to the Schaffer team responsible for project development, management, and implementation administration of the major 34,000 tons cane per day expansion of the Clewiston Sugar Factory in Florida. 

Previously she served as Assistant Project Management on the Finchaa Sugar Project located in Ethiopia assisting the Project Manager in various administrative and commercial aspects of the project, including contract negotiations, project execution and government/client relations.