International Business Center and Services (IBCS)

Unleashing young African talentsthrough collaboration and provision of logistic services in a caring, upscale,professional environment.


IBCSis affiliated to Groupe BO and liaises with other associated companies toprovide innovative tailored solutions to satisfy logistic needs that spanacross sectors, from agribusiness to energy and technology, attracting both localand international clientele in Burkina Faso. IBCS has chalked successes in delivering rapidand effective support services for US military as well as US Private companiesfor operations in West Africa and is pivotal to ensuring smooth implementationof classified projects of associate companies of Groupe BO. IBCS exhibits itscorporate social responsibility by contributing significantly to education,empowerment and shelter for vulnerable children and marginalized teen moms andpregnant teens below 18 years.


We have a dynamic team of youngAfricans exploring their potentials through innovative projects particularly toenhance logistics in local industries in order to promote high productivity andefficiency.